Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mindmine Summit 2013

Last week I was part of the 8th annual Mindmine Summit by the Hero Group. I have attended the past summits as well and like them, this one too was an enlightening experience with discussions on matters that concern the nation & economy as a whole.

At the summit, I had the opportunity of being witness to discussions among some luminous minds and also interacted with the likes of Mr. Salman Bashir current high commissioner of Pakistan to India. Being part of a platform where well known individuals from across various industries put forth their views on the economics & politics of India was an opportunity which can be used for introspection. Introspection not only for the system and authorities in the society but also the role that one can play in this, being a fresher to any industry or being the CEO of a well known organizational body.

Ms. Poonam Dhillon presented insightful piece on how adaptation of external culture is adding to our progress as a nation as long as we make it centered and do not blindly follow any one culture. Also, an interesting point made by Subodh Gupta was about how while we are worried about being “wrongly influenced” by other cultures, but are we really making efforts to preserve our cultures vis a vis museums and heritage.

Another intriguing discussion was how technology is leading India forward. A point put forth by one of the panelists, with which I agree, was that it is not  only about the gizmos that are invented, it’s about doing things smartly and efficiently. 

 Other dignitaries such as Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Mr. Devang Nanavati & Ms. Smriti Irani debated on the topic ‘India needs stronger leadership, not democratic leadership.’  

An all in all wonderful experience and I look forward to the 9th annual summit. 

sandeep soni with shashi tharoor
Mr. Shashi Tharoor at the Mindmine Summit 2013

sandeep soni with poonam dhillon
Ms. Poonam Dhillon speak on the topic ‘Culture Club: Will Adaptation Enrich or Destroy Our Heritage?’

sandeep soni with poonam dhillon
Panelists at the summit

sandeep soni with omar abdullah
Mr. Omar Abdullah, who was part of the panel discussing ‘Return of Regionalism: Are the States ruling Delhi?’

sandeep soni with Mr.Salman Bashir and Mr. G. Parthasarathy
Interacted with Mr. Salman Bashir, current high commissioner of Pakistan to India & Mr. G. Parthasarathy, former diplomat.

sandeep soni with Ms. Smriti Irani, Mr. Devang Nanavati, Dr. Bibek Debroy, Ms. Shereen Bhan and Mr. Kanwal Sibal
Ms. Smriti Irani, Mr. Devang Nanavati, Dr. Bibek Debroy, Ms. Shereen Bhan & Mr. Kanwal Sibal, during the debate on Day 2 of the Summit.

sandeep soni with poonam dhillon
With Poonam Dhillon

sandeep soni with prabhu chawla
With Prabhu Chawla

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